Bridge with Ron Klinger: Competitive Bidding 1 (DVD)



Bridge with Ron Klinger: Competitive Bidding 1 (DVD)

Video Running Time: 87 minutes (approx)

Ron Klinger is renowned throughout the world as one of the finest bridge teachers. His books, over 50 in all, are amongst the most popular on the market and his DVDs dispense the same kind of clear and easy-to-learn advice on both the basics and the finer points of the game.

The style of today's bidding is far more competitive than a generation ago. This DVD covers the vital areas of defensive bidding in which you have to be proficient. This 80-minute private lesson covers when to overcall, when to use a takeout double, how to resolve the choice between overcall or double, how to use jump overcalls, how to show the very strong hands and when to double in preference to a 1NT overcall or a jump overcall. The DVD also deals with replying to an overcall or a double by partner, when to bid at the cheapest level, when to give hump reply and when to prefer no-trumps.

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