Bridge with Ron Klinger: Tips On Bidding (DVD)



Bridge with Ron Klinger 4 - Tips On Bidding
Bridge with Ron Klinger: Tips On Bidding (DVD)

Video Running Time: 92 minutes (approx)

Ron Klinger is renowned throughout the world as one of the finest bridge teachers. His books, over 50 in all, are amongst the most popular on the market and his DVDs dispense the same kind of clear and easy-to-learn advice on both the basics and the finer points of the game.

There are many bidding situations which players find difficult. Whether it's an opening bid, a response or a rebid. Ron Klinger clearly and effectively explores the options of accurately expressing your hand type and point strength to partner. The advice given will certainly enhance your bidding skills and provide enormous insight into the thought process of a master player. Instead of just a single lesson, you can practice and revise the areas covered again and again. A collection of examples and exercises makes learning quick, easy and entertaining all at the same time.

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