Purling London Playing Cards: Hot Pink (Limited Edition)



Purling London Playing Cards: Hot Pink (Limited Edition)

Purling London’s unique, luxury Limited Edition Playing Cards bring a contemporary twist to the classic English pattern. Silver gilt-edging and hot pink hearts are the first elements you notice. Look deeper and see the Purling London logo hidden within the details of the face cards and an updated colour palette of Royal blue, Oyster grey and magenta. The symmetrical reverses feature Purling’s street art inspired paint splash design. Handsome shoulder-box packaging completes this winning pack of cards.
Made in Belgium. Assembled and quality checked in London, England.

  • One deck of 55 Silver gilt-edged poker sized playing cards*
  • Limited Edition of 1,000 single decks
  • Made in Belgium. Assembled in London, England
  • Finest ‘Zenith 310’ linen finish
  • Traditional English pattern with Purling’s colour twist
  • Hot pink hearts and diamonds, plus hidden Purling London logos
  • Unique Ace of Spades and Joker cards
  • Street art inspired symmetrical reverses
  • Luxury, silver-foiled Purling London packaging
* 63x88mm. Includes 2x Jokers and poker hands card.

PURLING LONDON GAMES have been exhibited at Christie’s, Saatchi Gallery and the World Chess Hall of Fame. Many have been the choice of royalty, renowned interior designers, art collectors and chess Grandmasters. Every Chess set is assembled and hand-finished in London, England.

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