Mega Database 2021: Update from older (PC-DVD)



Mega Database 2021: Update from older (PC-DVD)
[Existing program key required or return disk*]
8.4 million games, 85,300 annotated

The ChessBase Mega Database 2021, with over 8.3 million games from between 1560 and 2020, is the exclusive chess database which meets the highest demands. With over 85 000 annotated games Mega 2021 contains the world’s largest collection of top class analysed games. Train like a pro! With ChessBase 16 and the Mega Database 2021 prepare yourself for your opponent with great precision, let grandmasters explain the best way to play your favourite variations, improve your repertoire and much more. 

• Including Mega Update Service 2021: week by week bring your Mega up to date with your ChessBase 15/16 program with over 5 000 new games, that is approx. 250 000 new games by the end of 2021!

• New design, easier to use! Direct access to the games of the world championships and the great tournaments of the history of chess, and much more.

• Download a player encyclopaedia with over 586 000 names of players and over 40 000 photos of players (only with ChessBase 14/15/16)

System requirements
Pentium PC, 2 GB RAM, Windows 10 or 8.1, DVD-ROM drive, ChessBase 16 or 15, Internet access (downloads).

*Update price only valid when existing program key supplied, please provide by either including it in the 'order instructions, emailing it to, or return the disk when purchasing.

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