Mini Giant Chess Set with Plastic Board

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Mini Giant Chess Set with Plastic Board

All the fun of the Giant Plastic Chessmen, at half the size!, Made from tough all weather resistant Polyurethane plastic, this set is child-friendly and highly weather resistant.

The size of mini giant chess piece as following:

King:  12" tall; 4 1/2'' base           
Queen:  11 1/4" tall; 4 3/4'' base           
Knight:  8 1/2" tall; 4 1/4'' base
Bishop: 10 1/2" tall; 4 1/4'' base       
Rook:  8 1/2" tall; 4 1/4'' base          
Pawn:  8" tall; 4'' base

Includes a jigsaw-style hardwearing plastic chess board, consisting of 64 interlocking 6" squares made to stand up to abuse and, while being slip and weather resistant. This board is ideal for longer events or permanent placement since it can be somewhat time consuming to setup and take down all 64 interconnecting squares.

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