Classic Chess Combination B (3.75" Antiqued Set, Reg 1 50mm, Medium Box)

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Classic Chess Combination B
3.75" Antiqued Set, Reg 1 50mm, Medium Box

This entry level wooden combination is the perfect set for players who are investing in their first wooden chess set. The Classic Range chess set is paired with our standard wooden sapele mahogany board with the option of algebraic notation around the edging to help with reading and recording your games. The pieces are 95mm high and are stained brown. The board squares measure 50mm each.

For the version of this combination with Algebraic co-ordinates, please go here

Includes the following:
  • Classic 3.75" Antiqued Chessmen = £34.95
  • Reg 1 - 50mm Sapele Mahogany Board (without notation) = £34.95
  • Standard Medium Chess Box = £19.95

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