Catastrophes & Tactics in the Chess Openings Volume 2 WORKBOOK: 1.d4 d5 - Carsten Hansen




Catastrophes & Tactics in the Chess Openings Volume 2 WORKBOOK: 1.d4 d5
by Carsten Hansen

Tactical puzzles to help exploit and avoid disasters in the chess opening 

Winning fast is fun. Losing fast is definitely not fun. This book works as a companion volume to the original book. In this book, you will be given the task to decide how to continue in more than six hundred of puzzle positions, all taken from games that were decided in fifteen or fewer moves. Sometimes you need to find a winning move, other times you have to select the best move between several candidate moves, and yet other times, you will have to find a move that avoids a certain loss. The study of the positions in this book will help you navigate your own openings with greater success to help you win more games and avoid unpleasant disasters.

The puzzle positions in this volume are from the following openings:
1) Slav Defense
2) Queen's Gambit Accepted
3) Queen's Gambit - Non-Classical Lines
4) Meran, Semi-Meran & Triangle Set-ups
5) Queen's Gambit - Classical Lines
6) Queen's Gambit - Specialties
7) 1 d4 d5 - d-pawn Specialties

Paperback, self-published

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