Fritz & Chesster Chess Set



Fritz & Chesster Chess Set
Open the World of Chess to a Child

Introduce your kids to the exciting game of chess that teaches them critical thinking, socialisation, and other valuable life skills.

 - Large chessboard, printed on both sides with different design 42 x 42 cm.
 - 32 figures from the Fritz & Chesster world + 4 bonus figures King and Queen Kaleidoscope and Fred Fertig with his wife
 - official Fritz & Chesster design by Jörg Hilbert
 - Figures made of MDF wood material, pleasant feel, 1.5 cm
 - Environmentally friendly and free of harmful substances
 - High-quality, durable gift box with a separate holder for each figure

 - Certification: The product is certified according to EN71, ASTMF963 and CPSIA.
 - Box: 44.5 x 26.5 x 3.5cm;
 - Weight 1.95Kg.

What is Fritz & Chesster?
Fritz & Chesster is a series of introductory chess programs for kids aged three and up.

Every Fritz & Chesster Chess Set includes an access code to the online learning program Fritz&Chesster Vol1 with license validity of 3 Years, playable on the website, for free.  

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