Emanuel Lasker Volume 1 and 2 - Forster, Negele & Tischbierek (2 Hardcover Books)

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Emanuel Lasker Volume 1 and 2 - Forster, Negele & Tischbierek (2 Hardcover Books)
Emanuel Lasker Volume 1 and 2 (Hardcovers)
by Richard Forster, Michael Negele & Raj Tischbierek

These books are 2 parts of the trilogy on the second World chess champion, Emanuel Lasker. It is a major rework of the German edition of 2009, completely translated into English.

Volume one covers Emanuel Lasker's youth and school days and the history of his family. It contains a detailed appreciation of his work and achievements as a mathematician. His life and times in London and in the United States are covered by the renowned chess historians Tony Gillam and John Hilbert. It examines also Lasker's contributions to the art of the chess problem and the endgame study.

The chess-specific part is rounded off by Mihail Marin and Raj Tischbierek with detailed game annotations. Raj Tischbierek analyzes Lasker's match with Siegbert Tarrasch for the world championship 1908.

1 Michael Negele: A Biographical Compass, Part I
2 Wolfgang Kamm & Tomasz Lissowski: Ancestors, Family, and Childhood
3 Tony Gillam: Lasker in Great Britain
4 John Hilbert: Lasker: The American Views
5 Joachim Rosenthal: Lasker and Mathematics
6 Jürgen Fleck: Lasker’s Endgame Studies
7 Ralf Binnewirtz: Lasker’s Chess Problems
8 Raj Tischbierek: The Battle Lasker vs. Tarrasch
9 Mihail Marin: Dominator of the Chess World

Chapter 1 - A biographical compass: Part II
Chapter 2 - Lasker in Holland
Chapter 3 - Lasca-A Strategic Mind Game
Chapter 4 - Lasker and Go
Chapter 5 - Lasker as a Bridge Expert
Chapter 6 - Emanuel Lasker and Game Theory
Chapter 7 - The New York 1924 Tournament
Chapter 8 - The New York Controversy

ISBN Vol 1: 978-3-935800-09-9, Hardbacks, Exzelsior Verlag

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*please note the image is for illustration purposes - volume 1 cover is blue and volume 2 cover is green

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