Plastic Gambit Chess Set, Mousepad Chess Mat and Drawstring Bag

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Plastic Gambit Chess Set, Mousepad Chess Mat and Drawstring Bag

The Gambit Chess Pieces are by far the most popular plastic chess set in the world, made from a very durable plastic - this is the standard set you'll find used in chess clubs, schools and tournaments worldwide. The King measures 95mm / 3.75" which is a standard tournament size.

Each set comes with a complete set of chess pieces - 17 white pieces and 17 black pieces which includes 2 Extra Queens. Paired with our Mousepad Chess Mat, creates a great durable, crease free and comfortable set to play or study with.

Correctly sized for Tournament play, the black and white board is highly durable and can be folded, rolled or shoved haphazardly into a full backpack without any damage or creasing to the playing area. It is made from thick mousepad style rubber which is soft and smooth with a square size of 55mm (appropriate for sets up to 4 Inch king height). Also includes algebraic notation, this board is perfect for players just starting out, or just starting to really study their chess.

The pieces can be stored in our standard cotton bag (included) safely to prevent any pieces from being lost. Made from cotton the drawstring bag measures 20cm(W) x 24cm (H) when empty and flat (The mousepad mat will not fit into this bag - if desire something to fit the board also see our magnetic claps box).

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