A Softness in the Eyes - Harry Posner



A Softness in the Eyes - Harry Posner
A Softness in the Eyes - Harry Posner

Paperback, 184 pages

Arbiter Samuel Povich is hired to referee an international chess tournament on a peculiar Caribbean island. But a fatal attraction inexorably draws him into a plot to revenge the rape and murder of a young girl's mother. What is a man capable of in the name of love? A Softness in the Eyes is a modern day take on the myth of Isis and Osiris. It is a story of murder and revenge fueled by love and obsession inside a world of black kings and death-eating grey tigers.

"I took my place on the lifeguard chair and waited for word from Ana as the clocks ticked away the time-my time, our time, the timeless time of held breaths, of death and nothingness. I felt like Osiris trapped in the wooden chest, lodged in the heart of a tree, waiting for a goddess to find my body parts, piece me back together. And I felt like Horus, the son, caught in the vise of betrayal and revenge...I'm no saint, but the Devil himself couldn't have been more pleased with this middle game from Hell."

About the author
Harry Posner has written film scripts, plays, song lyrics, texts for dance performance and children's picture books. His children's stories can be found in the anthology Walking in Fields of Gold (Spiral Press, 2011). Harry is a member of Words Aloud poetry collective and actively promotes poetry in combination with other art forms. He performs spoken word poetry both solo and as a member of the percussion/spoken word duo The Rubber Brothers. He is about to embark upon his third novel.

ISBN: 9781481135955

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