Bridge with Ron Klinger: Signals and Discards (DVD)



Bridge with Ron Klinger: Signals and Discards (DVD)
Bridge with Ron Klinger: Signals and Discards (DVD)

Video Running Time: 87 minutes (approx)

Ron Klinger is renowned throughout the world as one of the finest bridge teachers. His books, over 50 in all, are amongst the most popular on the market and his DVDs dispense the same kind of clear and easy-to-learn advice on both the basics and the finer points of the game.

This DVD covers many vital areas of defence. Should you encourage or discourage partner's opening lead? When should you ask for a switch? How can you signal your honour card holding? There are also many examples on signalling when declarer leads a suit and how to signal when disarding. Guidelines are given on what to discard and what to keep, and how to recognise which suit to retain. Advanced signalling methods such as reverse signals and suit preference discards (McKenney Discards) are also mentioned and how to use each of these methods.

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