Crowns & Coronets, Mitres & Manes - Harvey T Dearden



Crowns & Coronets, Mitres & Manes - Harvey T Dearden
Crowns & Coronets, Mitres & Manes by Harvey T Dearden

Paperback, 236 pages

A book to stimulate, amuse and intrigue. Includes discussions of chess 'cosmology', philosophy, art, history, literature and psychology. Also unconventional puzzles (e.g. How many squares in square space? How many elephants can you fit on a chessboard?) and a new perspective on familiar stories.

Includes many games you may have missed:
  • Crusader Knight v Death
  • Henry Tudor v Richard III
  • Duke of Wellington v Napoleon
  • Jonson v Shakespeare
Why would Agatha Christie have made a good problemist? Was Thomas Hardy a chess player? Why you should enjoy losing!? How to handle your chessmen. Find all of this and more within.

Harvey T. Dearden contributed miscellaneous pieces to the UK's CHESS magazine over several years and many of those essays are reproduced here together with previously unpublished material.

ISBN-13: 978-1536915433, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

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