Revolutionize Your Chess - Viktor Moskalenko



Revolutionize Your Chess - Viktor Moskalenko
Revolutionize Your Chess by Viktor Moskalenko
A brand new system to become a better player

Paperback, 352 pages

A breakthrough in chess teaching by Former Ukrainian Champion and experienced chess coach Viktor Moskalenko.
A new concept which teaches players how to develop their personal skills and presents five new basic rules for improving at chess. Moskalenko puts emphasis on the dynamic character of developing the game.

Most chess players fail to make real progress once they have reached a certain level. They focus on studying openings, classical middlegame tactics, the odd strategic theme and a few rules-of-thumb for the endgame.
But when they sit down at the board and face real chess problems they are often clueless. Why is this?

Viktor Moskalenko argues that this is because the general rules of the game have not yet been discovered! He introduces a brand-new system which explains the game as it is actually played.
Moskalenko is a champion of dynamic play, and this dynamic element, so characteristic of modern chess, is his most important addition to the famous theories by Steinitz and Nimzowitsch. And there is more:
  • Moskalenko’s Five Touchstones provide players with tools to assess any position
  • Club players are shown how to get a good grip on personal skills like intuition, psychology and concentration
  • You can measure your progress with The Moskalenko Test
In Revolutionize Your Chess all these aspects are highlighted in lively and instructive analyses of fresh games and fragments. For anyone who wants to get better at chess this book will be a big step forward.

ISBN: 978-90-5691-295-6, New in Chess

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