Supreme Chess Combination (Supreme Bud Rose Set, Solid Round Rosewood, Fitted Coffer Box)

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Supreme Chess Combination (Supreme Bud Rosewood Chessmen, Solid Rosewood Board, Deluxe Fitted Coffer Box)

One of our most popular and attractive sets, the Supreme Bud Rosewood Chess Pieces are carved from the finest Bud Rosewood and Boxwood, leading to a set with a distinctive and rich red colouring to the dark pieces, and a clear contrast between the two sides. Styled after the famed Staunton pattern, the preferred design for chess pieces since their introduction in the 1850's, but with a level of detail all it's own.

The board is comprised of solid wood and has a unique curved corner design to set it apart from the standard chess board. The solid board provides a considerable weight adding to the sturdiness and quality of this combination.

Combining a luxurious set of 110mm king Staunton pattern Bud Rosewood and Boxwood pieces with a Solid Rosewood and Maple 55mm Chess Board and a Large Burlwood storage box. A distinctive combination for the discerning collector.

King Height: 4 Inch / 115mm
King Base Diameter: 45mm
King Weight: 76g
Dark Pieces: Bud Rosewood
Board Dimensions: 530mm x 530mm x 20mm
Storage Box Dimensions: 240 x 150 x 110mm

Includes the following:
  • Supreme 4.00" Rosewood Chessmen - £299.95
  • Sol C - 55mm Solid wood Rosewood and Maple Chess Board - £169.99
  • Deluxe Fitted Coffer Box - £349
RRP £820 OUR PRICE £795 (save £25)

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