Winning Chess the Easy Way - Vol 1 - 5 (DVD) - Susan Polgar

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Winning Chess the Easy Way - Vol 1 - 5 (DVD) - Susan Polgar
Set of 5 DVD for £100 - SAVE £25 !! A 5 volume DVD set presented by 4-time Women's World Champion and Grandmaster, Susan Polgar. Covering all aspects of the game split into 40 lessons over 5 separate DVDs. Average running time per DVD is two hours twenty minutes. Designed for the novice to intermediate player. Vol 1: The Basic Principles of Chess (beginners); Vol 2: Learn How to Create Plans; Vol 3: Essential Chess Tactics and Combinations; Vol 4: Learn How to Avoid Opening Traps and Pitfalls; Vol 5: Fischer's Most Brilliant Games and Combinations.

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