My Great Predecessors Part 3 - Garry Kasparov



My Great Predecessors Part 3 - Garry Kasparov

Softcover, 332 pages

This magnificent compilation of play from the 1960s through to the 1970s forms the basis of the third part of Garry Kasparov's long-awaited definitive history of the World Chess Championship. Garry Kasparov, who is universally acclaimed as the greatest chessplayer ever, subjects the play from this era to a rigorous analysis - the examination being further enhanced by the use of the latest chess software.

This volume features the play of champions Tigran Petrosian (1963-1969) and Boris Spassky (1969-1972). As well as covering the careers of these two world champions Kasparov also gives detailed coverage of their contemporaries Polugaevsky, Portisch, Gligoric and Stein.

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