School of Future Champions 1 to 5 - Dvoretsky & Yusupov (5 books)

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School of Future Champions 1 to 5 by Mark Dvoretsky & Artur Yusupov (5 books)

The world’s top trainer, Mark Dvoretsky, and one of his best-known pupils, grandmaster Artur Yusupov, present a five-volume series based on courses given to talented young players throughout the world. The books contain contributions by other leading trainers and grandmasters, as well as games by pupils who have attended the courses.

School of Future Champions 1: Secrets of Chess Training
In the first volume the reader is shown how to assess his strengths and weaknesses, analyse his own games, and learn from the rich heritage of the past by a study of the chess classics. Over a hundred graded test positions provide ample material for self-improvement.

School of Future Champions 2: Secrets of Opening Preparation
The second volume explains the basic principles of the opening, discusses how to build an opening repertoire and produce opening novelties, and explores the connection between the opening and the later stages – the middle-game and the endgame.

School of Future Champions 3: Secrets of Endgame Technique
Successful endgame play is all about technique. In the third volume of the series the authors explain how to study the endgame and to analyse endgame positions, and illustrate the highly important technique of converting an advantage. 

School of Future Champions 4: Secrets of Positional Play
The main theme of volume 4 is prophylaxis, a concept first expounded by Nimzowitsch and one which has been brilliantly developed by Mark Dvoretsky and his pupils. The art of positional play is explained in terms of planning, manoeuvring, the study of typical positions, and deep strategy in grandmaster games.

School of Future Chess Champions 5: Secrets of Creative Thinking
The final volume of the series deals with various creative aspects, such as the calculation of variations and the development of intuition. It also explores the psychology of taking decisions, both when attacking and when defending.

Translated by Ken Neat, Paperbacks, 1173 pages combined!

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