CHESS Magazine Subscription 1 Year - UK



CHESS Magazine Subscription 1 Year - UK (12 issues)

CHESS Magazine Subscription 1 Year - UK
UK's most popular CHESS Magazine - established 1935!

A monthly publication featuring the latest news and amazing games from all the top events - in the UK and abroad; How Good is Your Chess? - discover just how good you really are; Find the Winning Moves - spot the tactics played by the GMs; Never Mind the Grandmasters - putting the club player first; Home News - a round-up of all the latest weekend tournament results; New Booksand Software; 60 Seconds with...; and much more.

Edited by IM Richard Palliser and Matt Read; Executive Editor: IM Malcolm Pein. Contributors include Grandmasters Michael Adams, Danny Gormally, Gawain Jones, Luke McShane, Matthew Sadler and Jon Speelman, as well as the regular team of GM Danny King, Sean Marsh, Carl Portman, John Saunders and Brian Stephenson.

Click here to download a free PDF extract of an issue

*Every magazine subscription not only includes a printed copy delivered right to your door every month but also all the games from that issue emailed to you in both .pgn and .cbv formats - play through some of top games happening in the world right now all from the comfort of your computer.*

Here's an example from our July 2019 issue, download here
To open these files you'll need a PGN reader or Chess software such as HIARCS Chess Explorer, Fritz, Houdini or Chessbase.

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