Alban 3.75" Acacia Chess Set Combination (3.75" Alban Pieces, LCC 50mm Board, Large Box)

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Alban 3.75" Acacia Chess Set Combination
3.75" Alban Pieces, LCC 50mm Board, Large Box

A superb quality chess set. Tournament size set and with extra detail. This unique Chess set combination will have you enjoying your Chess on something that feels really nice and a pleasure to play on. Also comes with our Quality Slide Top Box which is lined with soft red felt to store your pieces securely and safely. This set includes the following items:
 - Alban Sheesham Chessmen with 3.75" King
 - LCC Luxury Chess Board with 50mm Squares
 - Large Standard Box

King Height: 95mm / 3.75"
Light Pieces: Boxwood
Dark Pieces: Acacia
Base: Felt
Board Square Size: 50mm

*includes 2 extra queens for pawn promotion

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