Chess Calculation Training Volume 1, 2 and 3 - Romain Edouard (3 books)

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Chess Calculation Training Volume 1, 2 and 3 - Romain Edouard (3 books)

focuses on middlegames. Romain has carefully selected 496 positions, which arose in real games in the recent past. To obtain the best possible training result out of each position, he has separated the exercises into 11 different categories, covering both tactics and strategy, attack and defence. Romain gives you different instructions for each chapter, so you can improve your general thinking from varoius angles - exactly as you would face in your own games. This book is a fantastic training tool for any chessplayer to improve his level of chess thinking.

Volume 2 contains 10 chapters. The first, as in Volume 1, is a warm-up. Then you will work on endings from all possible angles: technical wins, tactical wins, drawing moves, and so on. Another very important chapter is “Test your reflexes!”. Reflexes are a key element in becoming a good endgame player. The more good reflexes you develop, the more other things become reflexes too!

Volume 3 has fifteen chapters and 480 exercises in this book, we will encounter many subjects, for example attack, defence, surprises and hidden moves, while some chapters will be especially dedicated to four great players – Kasparov, Karpov, Fischer and Kramnik – in order to learn about their styles. The last two chapters are also of a very special kind, ‘Extraordinary Wins’, where you will see moves of the kind you won’t meet very often in life, and ‘Special Section’, with exercises requiring special instructions.

Thinkers Publishing, 3 books

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