The Chess Toolbox: Practical Techniques Everyone Should Know - Thomas Willemze



The Chess Toolbox: Practical Techniques Everyone Should Know - Thomas Willemze
The Chess Toolbox by Thomas Willemze
Practical Techniques Everyone Should Know

You are ready to start a repair or construction job, but you can’t find the tools you need. Sounds familiar? You know that what you are looking for should be in your toolbox, because that’s where you put it after you last used it.

In chess, too, without having the right equipment you will not get very far. If you want to win more games you should have the right tools. The difference with your do-it-yourself jobs at home is that most amateur chess players have no toolbox at all, or one just filled with some very basic stuff. On top of that they very often not only have the tools they need, but don’t know what tools they need to fix the problem, or even what tools exist. Amateur chess players don’t know what they are missing. If they were able to find a hardware store, they wouldn’t know what to ask for.

International master and experienced chess trainer Thomas Willemze tells you which tools exist besides the very few common knowledge ones, which ones you need for what kind of jobs, how to acquire them and how to use them. His no-nonsense guide presents the techniques you need in order to gain the upper hand at the board.

The Chess Toolbox teaches you how to:
  • conquer an open file
  • eliminate an important defender
  • lift a blockade
  • get rid of an inferior piece
  • exploit the 7th rank
  • simplify your position (why and how)
  • fight for entrance squares
  • and much more.
Key improvement techniques made available and accessible for a large group of ambitious club players. Many high-impact decisions are being made more easy. Very practical guide with key/crucial improvement skills. Lots of fascinating examples, hundreds of instructive exercises. Thomas Willemze knows how to train amateur players to safely and effectively use these essential techniques. By showing what to aim for at the board he also teaches how to think outside your toolbox.

ISBN: 9789056917975, Paperback, 400 pages, New in Chess

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