Chess School 1 - Manual of Chess Combinations



Chess School 1 - The Manual of Chess Combinations
by Sergey Ivashchenko

This book is intended for young chess players who are taking their very first steps in this intellectual and fascinating game. Chess is a battle of minds, in which the payer who wins is the one who is more clever, more knowledgable and more skilful.

Not all of us can achieve mastery in chess, but a study of chess undoubtedly brings benefit to everyone. It develops logical and consistent thinking, concentration and the ability to analyse situations in chess and in life, and it also helps strengthen a player's character.

Chess is a difficult activity, which demands great efforts of mind and will, and also a great expenditure of time. To compete successfully in competitions, constant study is required. But first you must learn to see simple combinations, and in this you should be helped by this book.

How should it be used? You should try and solve all the exercises without using a board. During one lesson it is recommended that you try to solve between 6 and 30 positions. The examples are arranged in increasing order of difficulty and are divided into several levels. Altogether the two volumes contain 1299 test positions. The teacher may arrange a plan of study, based on each student having a copy of this book.

ISBN: 978-5-94693-522-7, Hardback, 256 pages, Russian Chess House

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