The Extra Edge in Play at Bridge - Reese & Pottage



The Extra Edge in Play at Bridge
by Terrence Reese & Julian Pottage

Bobby Fischer, the reclusive chess champion, once said: "You have found a good move - fine - now look for a better one." The same advice holds true in bridge. If you settle for second best, you will not achieve your full potential. Through a series of problems that are both fresh and a genuine test of skill, the reader is offered the chance to become accustomed to looking for that extra edge. Whether or not you find the best answers first time round, you will surely develop new ways of thinking to strengthen your game.

This book was originally published in 1985, and in this new edition are substantially revised and expanded. This is a re-issue of a "Classic Bridge Text: First Edition" (1985).

The late Terence Reese is probably the best bridge writer that Britain has ever produced. His many memorable titles include classic such as "Reese on Play", "The Expert Game", and "Play Bridge with Reese".

Julian Pottage is a British bridge expert who is well-known for his problem books. His previous titles include "Play or Defend?" and "Bridge Problems for a New Millennium".

Categories: Intermediate | Advanced | Declarer Play

ISBN 978-1-894154-97-0, Paperback, 64 pages, Master Point Press

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