Beat the Anti-Sicilians - Robert Ris



Beat the Anti-Sicilians by Robert Ris

Since the Sveshnikov is nowadays considered to be one of the most reliable options for Black in the Sicilian, White players have been investigating new territories within the Anti–Sicilians. The book you are holding in your hands, Beat the Anti–Sicilians, aims to provide a complete Black repertoire against all the critical sidelines after 1.e4 c5. The biggest part of the book covers the Rossolimo and Alapin, but also the popular lines at club player’s level like the Grand Prix Attack and the Morra Gambit, and other alternatives on White’s 2nd move are also worked out in detail.

There is a good balance of verbal explanations without ignoring the hardcore variations you have to know. In case you find some of the analyses a bit too long, don’t be discouraged! They have been included mainly to illustrate the thematic ideas and show in which direction the game develops once the theoretical paths have been left.

This book makes frequent use of correspondence and engine games. With a lack of over the board (elite) tournaments, most elite players made their switch to the world of online chess as well. These games with a shorter time control are often full of mistakes, but the opening stage is still relevant.

The mix of new ideas, beautiful variations, model games, extensive analyses and explanation of key concepts will inspire many chess fans. You no longer have to fear any Anti–Sicilian!

ISBN: 9789464201369, Paperback, 248 pages, Thinkers Publishing

Teaser [PDF] – Beat the Anti-Sicilians

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