Prepare To Win - Jonathan Arnott



Prepare To Win by Jonathan Arnott
A club player's guide to winning at chess before move one

Preparation used to be something chess players would only read about, the kind of thing players would do to prepare for a World Title match. But like it or not, in the computer age every serious club player now has two choices: learn to prepare for your opponents, or become a target for their preparation. There isn’t much literature on the subject, and much less aimed at anyone of 1400 to 2200 strength.

Most of experienced teacher and coach Jonathan Arnott’s wins against IMs and GMs have come as a result of precisely this preparation. In some cases, a game has literally been won and lost before a single move was made on the board. In this book, he provides a grounding in everything the modern player needs to fight against opponents from club level to GM.

Key topics include:
 - What to look for in preparation
 - What to spend your time on
 - How to avoid becoming a preparation target
 - Avoiding your opponent’s preparation
 - Setting traps and dictating the style of game

"I wish I’d had this book a couple of years ago. Jonathan’s recommendations took me a lot of trial and error to discover. Armed with the recommendations in this book it will become even tougher for us titled players to out-prepare our opponents. On behalf of all professionals can I selfishly ask that you disregard Jonathan’s advice? "
– GM Gawain Jones

ISBN: 9781913047337, Paperback, 224 pages, Steel City Press


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