5-Card Major Stayman - Ron Klinger



5-Card Major Stayman - Ron Klinger

An original and exciting book for all senior intermediate and expert players who would like to refine their technique when bidding One No-Trump.There are definite benefits in allowing a One No-Trump opening to include a 5-card major. More and more experts at international level have adopted such a style.If you are an ambitious player and are keen to improve the range of your no-trump bidding you will need a method to locate a 5-card major with opener or to discover a 4-4 major fit. 5-Card Major Stayman provides an easy structure that allows you to do just that and still enables you to use transfers to either major, even after a INT:2C response.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Why top players open 1NT even when holding a 5-Card Major

Chapter 2: The basic ctructure after a 1NT opening

Chapter 3: When to use 1NT : 2C

Chapter 4: After opener denies a 5-card major

Chapter 5: After opener shows a 5-card major

Chapter 6: Slam bidding after a 1NT : 2C auction

Chapter 7: Opening 2NT with a 5-card major

Appendix 1: Neill 3C over 2NT

Appendix 2: Bidding practice

Appendix 3: Answers to Bidding practice.

ISBN: 978-0304368082, Orion Books


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