A History of Chess in the English Civil Service - Kevin Thurlow



A History of Chess in the English Civil Service by Kevin Thurlow

This book covers more than a hundred years of chess in the Civil Service, with information about the clubs, the individuals, the events they contested, the successes, and the arguments that sometimes resulted.

Clubs regularly featured leading players of the day and the Civil Service representative team frequently beat strong counties in 50-board matches, as well as participating in a mammoth 500-board match against the rest of England. Names of chess clubs bring a whiff of nostalgia, with India Office, War Office and Civil Service Rifles no longer in existence. Leading players served their country not only in their departments, but at establishments like Bletchley Park in the Second World War. Several civil servants represented their country in international matches. Over a thousand players participated in the league at one stage.

About the Author
Kevin Thurlow has been playing, organising and writing about chess for many years. He held a number of committee posts in the Civil Service Chess Association, and played in the league, as well as representing Civil Service and county teams. He has won the Civil Service championship several times and has represented England in senior and correspondence chess team events.

ISBN: 9781913567699, Paperback, 527 pages, Conrad Press


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