Adolf Albin in America - Olimpiu Urcan (Paperback)



Adolf Albin in America - Olimpiu Urcan (Paperback)
Adolf Albin in America by Olimpiu Urcan (Paperback)
A European Chess Master’s Sojourn, 1893–1895

Paperback, 286 pages

Adolf Albin, a Romanian-born chess master of German origins, was renowned for his originality and his eccentric and dashing playing style, aggressiveness and edgy character. Through previously unpublished data, tournament reports, newspaper articles and consultation games this work covers Albin’s brief but highly significant period spent in New York, 1893–1895, with details on his life and chess career.

About the Author
Olimpiu G. Urcan is a Singapore-based chess historian. In addition to monthly column for, he contributes regularly to Edward Winter’s Chess Notes and is the author of several chess biographies published by McFarland.

Foreword by Neil Brennen - 78 photos, 130 games, diagrams, tables, appendices, notes, bibliography, indexes

ISBN: 978-0-7864-9569-6, McFarland

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