Bridge: Winning Ways To Play Your Cards - Paul Mendelson



Bridge: Winning Ways To Play Your Cards - Paul Mendelson
Bridge: Winning Ways To Play Your Cards by Paul Mendelson
The essential strategies for declarer and in defence

Paperback, 192 pages

Many bridge books feature magical and inspiring hands but hands that are never seen in day-to-day play at the bridge table. Bridge: Winning Ways to Play Your Cards concentrates on the type of hands that will make a real difference to your scores and which will help you improve your game. Discover how to assess your opponents’ strengths and weaknesses – in relation to your own – and win!

About the Author
Paul Mendelson is a leading author on poker, whose previous books include Texas Hold ‘Em Poker: Begin and Win. His expertise comes from a long association with gaming in the UK, South Africa and in Las Vegas. He runs poker classes and also writes as gambling correspondent for the Financial Times.

ISBN-13: 978-0716021971, Right Way

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