Challenging the Grunfeld - Edward Dearing



Challenging the Grunfeld - Edward Dearing
Many players are attracted to the strategic complexity of 1.d4 openings but do not know how to deal with the dynamic Grunfeld Defence. In this book IM Edward Dearing suggests the answer is the Modern Exchange Variation, as favoured by Kramnik, Gelfand, Anand and other top grandmasters on numerous occasions.Challenging the Grunfeld offers the experienced player in-depth coverage of this complex opening, but also gives the less ambitious reader the chance to understand the most important points by playing through the 50 main games and reading the explanations. Dearing skilfully leads the reader through the book by including clear conclusions to every game and chapter.But Challenging the Grunfeld offers more than just a repertoire for white against this topical system: it is a thorough guide to a very complex opening system, more in the style of old complete opening books. Challenging the Grunfeld is essential reading for defenders of this opening system as well as those who want to challenge the Grunfeld.

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