Chess Magazine - March 2013

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CHESS Magazine - March 2013

UK's most popular CHESS Magazine - established 1935!
All the regular features of the UK's best-selling CHESS magazine and more:

  • 60 Seconds with... - We catch up with Stewart Haslinger after his success in Seville
  • The Unstoppable Magnus the Great - Yochanan Afek watched as Carlsen conquered Wijk aan Zee
  • "I think I played a Good Tournament" - Sergey Karjakin reveals that he was happy with 3rd place at Wijk
  • Who is Hou? - Janis Nisii was impressed by the former Women's World Champion
  • Wood Green fight back in Daventry - Simon Ansell reports from the second 4NCL weekend
  • Repertoires and the Lopez - What did John Emms discover while writing about the opening?
  • Danny Gormally's Dutch Christmas - Find out how the intrepid traveller fared in Groningen
  • Vitiugov Rocks Gibraltar - How the Russian GM overcame Nigel Short in a dramatic tiebreak
  • Amazing Resources in the Endgame - Mitrofanov's outstanding move continues to inspire
  • Basic Instinct: Part II - Peter Lalic moves on to the middlegame 

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