CHESS Magazine - September 2019

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All the regular features of the UK's best-selling CHESS magazine and more! Regular features include: How Good is Your Chess? by GM Daniel King, Saunders on Chess, Find the Winning Moves, Never Mind the Grandmasters..., Studies, Home & Overseas News, Forthcoming Events Calendar and Book Reviews.

In this issue: 
  • Editorial - Malcolm Pein on the latest developments in the game
  • 60 Seconds with...WGM Katarzyna Toma - Katarzyna has been watching The Handmaid’s Tale
  • Boris Gelfand’s Remarkable Comeback - Yochanan Afek reports from the Netanya International
  • Best of British - Impressive wins from David Howell and Luke McShane
  • Awesome Adams - Michael Adams finishing powerfully at the British in Torquay
  • Never Mind the Grandmasters... - Carl Portman largely enjoyed his visit to the English Riviera
  • A Three-Way Go - Terry Chapman reports from the British Over-50 Championship
  • A Humdinger - Detailed annotations to a wild encounter from the British
  • All The Wrong Moves - Stephen Moss reviews Sasha Chapin’s rollicking new book
  • The Flanders Position - Dr Michael Reeve has been pondering a famous chess position
  • BH Wood in Gijón - A fascinating extract from Luis and Pedro Méndez’s new book
  • Find the Winning Moves - Can you do as well as the GCT players and those at the British?
  • How Good is Your Chess? - Daniel King takes a good look at Ding Liren’s chess
  • All That Glisters is not Gold - Carl Strugnell reports on life in Belgrade and Paris
  • Studies with Stephenson - Brian looks at two studies composed to celebrate countrymen
  • Overseas News - It’s been a busy summer of chess, including at Dortmund and Biel
  • Home News - Brandon Clarke and Sohum Lohia both did very well in Torquay
  • Forthcoming Events - Will you be warming up somewhere for the new season?
  • This Month’s New Releases - Sean Marsh examines new DVDs from Nick Pert and Simon Williams
  • Saunders on Chess - Inspired by the British, John ponders the world of final rounds

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