Chess Tips for the Improving Player - Amatzia Avni



Chess Tips for the Improving Player - Amatzia Avni
Chess Tips for the Improving Player by Amatzia Avni

Paperback, 234 pages

Chess Tips for the Improving Player gives practical advice for club players who want to take the next step towards chess mastery. Amatzia Avni looks at life from an unusual angle. His approach is far more creative than merely offering the usual tips such as 'develop your pieces' and 'control the centre'. Instead of repeating cliché's seen before in countless books, the author scrutinized a huge number of chess positions, asking himself, 'What can be learned from them?'. The reader can now benefit from Avni's painstaking efforts.

About the Author
Amatzia Avni is an Israeli psychologist who is a FIDE Master both over-the-board and of composition. He has written several original and critically acclaimed books. This is his first book for Quality Chess.

ISBN-13: 978-9185779031, Quality Chess

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