Concise Chess Endings - Neil McDonald



Concise Chess Endings - Neil McDonald
Concise Chess Endings by Neil McDonald

Paperback, 288 pages

Confident about endgames? Even many experienced players would admit to a serious lack of knowledge in this department, and yet it's in this section of the game where many points are won and lost over the chessboard.This pocket-sized book (measures 11.4 x 12.7cm) could be the answer to chess players problems! Grandmaster Neil McDonald studies the fundamental endings and provides the reader with all the crucial knowledge, tactics, and plans. At the same time, he is careful not to swamp readers with superfluous information; there is simply enough wisdom here to make them feel confident in all types of practical endings.
  • Written by an renowned endgames expert
  • Every major endgame is examined
  • A pocket book ideal for club and tournament players
About the Author
Grandmaster Neil McDonald is an experienced player on the international chess circuit and has a string of tournament successes to his name. He is a talented chess coach who has trained English juniors at many international events. His successful books include "Modern Defence," "French Winawer" and "Dutch Leningrad."

ISBN-13: 978-1857443134, Everyman Chess

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