Encyclopaedia of Chess Problems - Themes and Terms

Edition: 4th Edition


Encyclopaedia of Chess Problems - Themes and Terms

The only complete Encyclopaedia of Chess Problems ever written is available once again as a polished reprint of the original edition.

"This Chess Informant book is not only first rate in content but also in production. Highly recommended!" - John Donaldson, chess author and US Team Captain

"This comprehensive encyclopedia is special in our field of chess composition and will be enjoyed by chess players as well. It is a must in the library of all lovers of chess problems and studies." - Uri Avner, GM of Chess Composition, Honorary President of the WFCC

About the Authors
Milan Velimirovic (1952-2013), was a GM of Chess Composition, GM Solver and International Judge of chess composition. He published several books and numerous articles on chess composition. Velimirovic was one of the most respected members of chess problems community worldwide and a regular columnist in Chess Informant.

Kari Valtonen (1954) is GM Solver and International Judge of chess composition. Editor of the chess composition section of “Suomen Shakki”, sub-editor of chess composition magazine “Suomen Tehtäväniekat”. Author of several articles on themes and terms in chess composition. World Solving Champion in 1984. Living in Tampere, Finland.

The life work of GMs Milan Velimirovic and Kari Valtonen is a must for any chess lover and enthusiast!

Chess Informant, Hardback, 520 pages

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