Fast Track



Fast Track
Get ready for heart-pounding action and lightning-fast fun with Fast Track - the thrilling speed reaction card game designed for 2-8 players!

Step into the vibrant world of London with Fast Track. Match quintessentially British icons, London Landmarks, and Transport for London lines as you race against your friends and family to be the quickest on the draw.

Flip over a 'Go To' card and let the adrenaline flow! With everyone playing at the same time, speed is essential to victory. Can you keep your cool and spot the matches before anyone else?

Fast Track offers not just one, but two thrilling game modes to keep the excitement going! In "All Stations," be the first player to shed all your cards by matching them to the current 'Go To' Card. In "Route Planner," strategize and collect the most cards before the deck runs out!

As an officially licensed Transport for London product, Fast Track brings the essence of every journey matters to your gaming table. Immerse yourself in the world of TfL while having an absolute blast with your friends and family!

Get your Fast Track game today and experience the rush of adrenaline, quick thinking, and heartwarming moments of victory! Every second counts - are you up for the challenge?

  • 2-8 players | 10-15 minutes | For ages 5+
  • Box dimensions: 15cm x 8cm x 7cm
  • Product Code: G9030
  • Includes: 108 Game Cards, 2 Buildings and Icons Key Cards
  • Licensed by TFL, invented by Andrew Harman, re-uses illustrations from kids puzzle by Clare Elsom

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