Millennium ChessLink Module (M822)



Millennium ChessLink Module (M822)
Connects your MILLENNIUM board with apps and online platforms

The Chess Link is the tool for all who appreciate the comfortable game on the chessboard, but don’t want to do without the versatility of apps and online games.

The slim device gives you access to various chess engines and online platforms that you would normally have to play on screen.

With the ChessLink you play them all on your comfortable MILLENNIUM Exclusive or Performance board. Thanks to the sensor board with 81 LEDs, your eyes are always on the board and the pieces. So your concentration in the game is exactly where it belongs: in the game!

Discover the possibilities
Play with these chess programs and online platforms on your MILLENNIUM board:

ChessLink App
With the free ChessLink app you play online on your board via the popular platform. For Android users, download via Google Play here. (The IOS version is still under development but hopefully will be available in the very near future).

HIARCS for iphone/iPad
One of the most powerful apps for iPhone and iPad. With adaptive play strength, which helps you to find out your ELO number.

HIARCS Chess Explorer
The world class chess program for PC and Macwith chess database and outstanding analysis and training tool.

Chess for Android
The app for Android devices is a true all-rounder and allows online play against other players via the FICS server. 

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