Modern Ideas in Chess - Richard Reti



Modern Ideas In Chess - Richard Reti

paperback, 136 pages

Modern Ideas in Chess
is a series of 45 essays dealing with the evolution of the game, its
leading players, their ideas and contributions to their respective

The chronology starts in the Romantic era of Anderssen
and Morphy, continues through the Classical School of Steinitz,
Tarrasch, Lasker, and runs to the dawn of the Hypermodern Revolution;
the 70-year stretch from 1852 to 1922.

Working in small chunks
Réti had to be selective in what he extracted from each player and
period. Plus the individual elements all had to tie in with the larger
canvass Réti was painting for his readers.

You don't have to get
too far into the book to realize that Réti was a creative artist using
the tension of chess ideas to reflect the larger intellectual struggle
of mankind.

How does Réti do it? A solid chess foundation
obviously helps, also keen observation of the human experience coupled
with a powerful command of language. Together these serve up indelible
images that stick in the mind of the reader and lift this work far above
the ordinary.

Modern Ideas in Chess is one of the rare books
that transcends the time frame in which it was written. It stands on its
own, timeless, one of the true classics in the literature of the game.

author Bruce Alberston has converted the older descriptive notation to
modern algebraic and added many diagrams to produce an outstanding
modern 21st Century Edition of this timeless classic.

Foreword by Andy Soltis.

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