Playing to Win at Bridge - Ron Klinger (New Enlarged Edition)



Playing to Win at Bridge - Ron Klinger (New Enlarged Edition)
Playing to Win at Bridge - Ron Klinger (New Enlarged Edition)
Master Bridge Series

Paperback, 144 pages

'This is certainly one of Ron Klinger's most popular and (deservedly) successful books. As befits an international player who has won many Australian national titles, and a journalist whose previous (seemingly innumerable!) excellent titles have made him one of the most well-read authors of world bridge literature, the analysis of the hands is excellent, and the writing is very clear, and very instructive.

'The book is divided into sections for the "Elementary", "Intermediate", and "Advanced" players, and the hands are not grouped thematically. This means that you are not given a clue whether you should be endplaying, squeezing or whatever ... you are left to decide that for yourself, just as at the table. The problems set out are very practical ones, the kind you may meet half a dozen times in a session, and the solutions are never flashy and artificial, but always make sound sense when you read the analysis.

'Some players hate quiz books, but I would recommend that even they read this one, as it is a real pleasure to read, and offers many usefully instructive problems.

'Subtitled "Practical Problems for the Improving Player", some of the hands will make it clear that there is always some room for improvement.'

- Bridge Magazine

ISBN-13: 978-0297869306, Masterpoint Press

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