Romans Lab Vol 61 - Art of Instant Attacks (over 1h)



Romans Lab Vol 61 - Art of Instant Attacks (over 1h)
Romans Lab Vol 61: Art of Instant Attacks

On this dvd Larry Christiansen will demonstrate through a series of examples how to create instant violent attacks in your games.Larry will examine all movements that have effects on the enemy Kings positions such as:

  • GM thought process behind instant attacks
  • The Power of Nf5 in the Sicilian
  • Power of a Centralize King in the Middlegame
  • Violent Forcing moves
  • Rook Lifting and Traffic Jams
  • Step by Step building on Small advantages
  • Exchange Sacrifice
  • Counter Attack - Meet threats with threats of your own
  • Exception to the Rule
  • Interfering Theme
  • Long term Sacrifice
  • Over whelming force

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