Tactic Toolbox Najdorf - Niclas Huschenbeth (PC-DVD)



Tactic Toolbox Najdorf - Niclas Huschenbeth (PC-DVD)
Tactic Toolbox Najdorf by Niclas Huschenbeth (PC-DVD)

Video running time: 6 hours

This DVD looks at the most important and most frequent tactical themes and sacrifices in the Sicilian Najdorf. Grandmaster Niclas Huschenbeth shows us the typical tactical ideas for both White and Black along with the criteria that need to be met for a particular sacrifice to work in this opening in several demonstrative games. Then it’s your turn to see if you have internalized the themes in a host of interactive tests – but watch out - because the ideas don’t always work, and you will soon learn to recognize typical snares and pitfalls.

Working through the material develops
both your eye for tactics as well as your calculation of variations. The aim of this DVD is to demonstrate the typical tactical themes of the Sicilian Najdorf and to improve your understanding of them, as well as to practice them with the interactive examples. This way, the demonstrated themes quickly become second nature and viewers gain a much improved feel for tactics in the Najdorf.
  • Video running time: 6 hours (English)
  • With interactive training including video feedback
  • Exclusive database with 50 essential games
  • Including CB 12 – Reader
About the Author
Niclas Huschenbeth has been a grandmaster since the start of 2012, and has played both sides of the Najdorf for many years. His most notable success to date was becoming the youngest German champion ever at the age of 18 in 2010. He is currently studying psychology on the East Coast of the United States, where he plays on his university team.

EAN: 4027975007946, Chessbase Fritz Trainer DVD

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