The Open Games for Black - Igor Lysyj and Roman Ovetchkin



The Open Games for Black - Igor Lysyj and Roman Ovetchkin
A complete Black repertoire with 1.e4 e5 against everything except the Ruy Lopez
244 pages, Paperback
"My main opening weapon throughout my chess career, from 1998 to 2010,
was the French Defence. However, in the last five years of this period I
played a large number of games in the strongest tournaments in Russia,
mostly against players rated over 2600, and I suffered many humiliating
but well-deserved defeats.

These losses made me reconsider the situation and I came to the
conclusion that the cramped positions in the French Defence are
strategically risky and do not quite suit my playing style...

In this book I have presented all my analyses and my discoveries during
the World Cup 2011. I believe that it will be useful for chess players
at all levels to study them, together with the excellent annotations and
explanations of Roman Ovetchkin.

The reader might justifiably pose the following question: "How to cope
with the Ruy Lopez if you are Black?". In fact, almost every variation
of this opening deserves to be analyzed in a separate volume, so we
shall reveal to you the tremendously complicated and fashionable Berlin
Defence in our next book."

(from the Preface)

Roman Ovetchkin is an international grandmaster and an experienced
coach and trainer. He was part of the team which enabled Ekaterina
Kovalevska to become a vice-champion of the world in 2004. In 2007 he
coached the "ABC" team and they shared 1st-2nd place in the European Cup
for women. He was the winner of numerous international chess

Igor Lysyi is an international grandmaster. He won many times the
students' championships and the Russia Universiades, both as an
individual and as a member of the team of the Ural University. He
participated in the team of Russia which won the World Students'
Championship in 2008. He was the winner of numerous international chess

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