The Right Bid at the Right Time - Neil Kimelman



The Right Bid at the Right Time - Neil Kimelman
The Right Bid at the Right Time by Neil Kimelman
The fine art of decision-making

Paperback, 196 pages

With this book, Kimelman completes the trilogy that started with Improve Your Bidding Judgment. He explores the delicate process of making the right decisions in the auction, especially in competitive situations. All the examples are taken from high-level bridge events. As before, the book is presented in quiz format, so the reader can make his own call before the options are discussed and the author’s recommendation presented.

About the Author
Neil Kimelman (Winnipeg) is a Canadian expert who plans to play much more top-level bridge after his forthcoming retirement.

Categories: Bidding | Advanced

ISBN 978-1-77140-027-5, Master Point Press

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