Chess Movies 1: Quick Tricks - Bruce Pandolfini

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Chess Movies 1: Quick Tricks - Bruce Pandolfini
Chess Movies 1: Quick Tricks by Bruce Pandolfini

Paperback, 208 pages

Chess Movies represents a new idea in the Pandolfini Chess Library series. It offers instructional material with every single move diagrammed and explained. Thus a chessboard and pieces are not needed to follow through. This makes it possible to rely solely on the book itself, as one would with a text on tactics and problems, without having to set up the positions, even though the present volume, Quick Tricks, contains games of ten full moves or more.In this first offering of the series, Quick tricks, the reader (viewer) is provided with a collection of 64 neat traps and shots in the opening, illustrations often stemming from the practice of the worlds best players. Theres a variety too, so that you can sample different openings and variations.

ISBN: 978-188869072-9, Russell Enterprises

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