Attache Style Backgammon Set - Small



Attache Style Backgammon - Small

Executive black leather look attache case, with leatherette shakers, red and white pieces, doubling cube, two sets of dice and counters.

Size (Closed): 384mm x 233mm x 56mm (15.12 inch x 9.17 inch x 2.20 inch)
Size (Open): 384mm x 466mm x 28mm (15.12 inch x 18.35 inch x 1.10 inch)
Piece Diameter: 28mm (1.10 inch) Plastic, Red and White pearl effect
Dice: 15mm (0.59 inch) Plastic, Red and White.
Doubling Cube: 16mm (0.63 inch) Plastic, Green.
Dice Shakers: Black leatherette with green felt interior.

Also available in Medium or Large

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