Learning Chess Workbook: Step 1 Extra - Cor Van Wijgerden



Learning Chess Workbook: Step 4 Extra - Cor Van Wijgerden
Learning Chess Workbook: Step 1 Extra - Cor Van Wijgerden
The Step-by-Step Method

Paperback, 56 pages
ISBN: 978-90-77275-81-8

For many trainers the number of exercises in the ordinary workbooks is enough, but not for everyone. For many years there has been asked for 'more'. Therefore, next to the existing workbooks the Extra workbooks and the Plus workbooks have been published.

The students will be able to do more exercises on almost the same level and consequently remain busy with the same step for a longer period. It is important that the difficulty level does not go up too quickly.

The problem of proceeding (too) quickly to the next step, that a lot of children are not yet ready for, can be prevented in this way.

The extra workbook is full of exercises. In the first half of this extra workbook you will find tasks with the same themes as were dealt with in the workbook for Step 1. These serve not only as extra practice but also as revision.

The second half of the workbook contains tasks of the type "Mix". That means that there is no hint as to the theme of the exercise, with the result that they are more like a real game. Solving exercises of this sort is difficult for those on Step 1.

Fortunately the subjects of the exercises are restricted to themes dealt with in Step 1: winning material, delivering mate in one and defending. That was just about everything. For every task the student should go through and tick off the three questions on this list:

- Can I win material?
- Can I deliver mate?
- Is one of my pieces in danger?

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