Tactics: Tricks of the Tribes, Workbook Decoy



Tactics: Tricks of the Tribes, Workbook Decoy
Tactics: Tricks of the Tribes, Workbook

Tricks of the Tribes is a collection of different tactical motifs presented in a series of workbooks. Discover the various clever tactical ideas and concepts, and train your chess brain to become a deadly opponent!

The workbooks are arranged into chapters presenting tactical tricks in a clear way and provide plenty of instructive exercises for training.

Decoy has 177 tasks dealing with the deflection motif. You can deflect a piece that is defending the king or you may deflect a piece to win material. The piece being deflected will become overloaded, with too many tasks to deal with. Other topics of the workbook are devoted to leading the opponent’s king or his important piece to a position they would prefer to avoid, and where they become vulnerable to another tactical blow.

Lots of nice exercises with useful patterns to learn, but they are generally not that easy.
  • Soft cover
  • Size 170*210 mm
  • 60 pages Full colour
  • Skill level: 1000-2000 in ELO rating
  • Language: English
  • Level: Intermediate

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