Tactics: Tricks of the Tribes, Workbook Studies



Tactics: Tricks of the Tribes, Workbook Studies
Tactics: Tricks of the Tribes, Workbook

Tactics: Tricks of the Tribes is a collection of different tactical motifs presented in a series of workbooks. Discover the various clever tactical ideas and concepts, and train your chess brain to become a deadly opponent!

The workbooks are arranged into chapters presenting tactical tricks in a clear way and provide plenty of instructive exercises for training.

Chess studies are like beautiful art and action movies rolled into one. There is breathtaking elegance mixed in with lots of twists and turns, and a great imagination is needed not only to create them, but also to solve them! This workbook is for those of us who have an eye for the beautiful things in life.

To solve endgame studies is a challenging task, something for grandmasters and other very strong players. But this is a rewarding work to try yourself at, before checking the answers, which develops the players visual abilities. Luckily, some of the studies are presented not from the starting position, but after some moves in the “Studies” workbook, so the chances go up.
  • Soft cover
  • Size 170*210 mm
  • 60 pages Full colour
  • Skill level: Intermediate – Expert or chess rating 1400 to up to grandmaster level

    Language: English
  • Level: Advanced

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