Bridge Partner - Bidding Cards: Single Set (Left Handed)



Bridge Partner - Bidding Cards: Single Set (Left Handed)

Bridge Partner - Bidding Cards: Single Set (Left Handed)

Have your Bidding Box cards become tattered and sticky through overuse? Have you considered replacing them, but ultimately stuck with them because you didn't want to replace the Bidding Box itself? Have you lost individual cards from one or more of your Bidding Boxes Are you left handed, or have left handed friends who are occasionally frustrated with the awkwardness of using the right handed bidding cards?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above,then this may be the product for you. With enough cards for a single Bidding Box, and available in both right and left handed configurations, The Bidding Box Refill Cards will ensure that you need never play with Bidding Box cards that are unpleasant to handle or look at, and furthermore, creates a more inclusive environment for any left handed players in your group.

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